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Department of Community Medicine

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Department of Community Medicine

Department of Community Medicine offers training to the medical cadets in 1st year & 3rd year of MBBS course. The objective of this course is to provide community-oriented and need-based medical education so as to produce good young dedicated doctors to ensure universal health services through effective Primary Health Care. 05 hours of lectures should be taken in 1st year under a course that comprises 110 hours of lecture classes, 160 hours of practical/tutorial classes, 30 days of community-based medical education (COME) and 05 hours of integrated teaching (total 275 hours + 30 days).

Departmental Objectives:

General objective:

       To produce medical graduates to meet community health needs and demands of the country.

 Specific objectives:

At the end of the course, the students should be able to:

  • Provide comprehensive health care to the people
  • Deliver primary health care and essential services package (ESP)
  • Conduct epidemiological studies on common health problems
  • Organize health education sessions in the community / OPD
  • Provide health care with efficient communication skills to the community
  • Work as a member of the local health team
  • Co-ordinate with national and international health organizations and different national health programmes

List of Competencies to acquire:

1. Identify the health needs and problems of the community and priorities them.

2. Take measures to meet health needs and problems

3. Provide comprehensive health care to the community

4. Organize health education sessions at the level of community

5. Collect and compile sociodemographic data from the community

6. To manage mass causality incident

7. Conduct community-based research work and write the report