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At a glance

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At a glance

Army Medical College Bogura is running its academic activities in 4 storied building in permanent campus, at C-Block adjacent to Bogura Cantonment& a floor of CMH Bogura.Upto 5th floor of hostel building construction has already been completed and 302 students are residing.

Academic Building

AMCB Campus

Accommodation & Transport:

Army Medical College Bogura is a residential institution. It is compulsory for medical students to stay in dormitories of the college. There are separate dormitories for male and female students adjacent to academic campus. Both dormitories are well furnished with geyser, Wi-Fi, TV room & indoor games facilities etc. Dormitories are under CC cameras to ensure security. The cadets must follow all rules and regulations regarding customs and etiquette, decorum and decency of the dormitory framed from time to time by the college authority. Visiting hours as per SOP (Standing Operating Procedures) are strictly adhered to. In case of female cadets, only notified selected visitors, mainly their parents/guardian are allowed in prescribed hours. Transport is provided to the students for their necessary academic activities.

Hostel Building in Permanent Campus  


Affiliated Hospital

Combined Military Hospital Bogura(CMH)

CMH Bogura

Intern Girls Hostel

Messing:   College established its own cookhouse.Fooding is arranged by the college.  College provides 3 × meals and 2 × snacks daily for the students. Also, students get weekly feast. Food quality, cook house and dining hall environment are checked daily by the different teachers & officers.


Dining Hall


A canteen is situated in hostel that provides light refreshment to the students and all necessary things are available on payment.

Clothing Outfit:

Medical students are issued uniform (with apron), nameplate, shoe, socks, sports t-shirt, sports shoes, track suit, shoulder appellate, jersey pullover, bed sheet, pillow (with cover), mosquito net, quilt, blanket, bucket with mug etc.

Medical Facility:

All medical students receive medical treatment (both outdoor and indoor) in CMH as per existing policy.

College Library:

There is a library with all available academic text books of latest version, medical journal and literature, question bank of previous professional exams under BUP. At present library remains open from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm including Saturday & remain off on Friday & holidays.



Laundry facility is available for both male & female dormitories.

Games and Sports:

Student are encouraged and rewarded for participation in extracurricular activities.Following games and sports will be organized subjects to availability of facilities:


                   (1)     Football

                   (2)     Cricket

                   (3)     Table Tennis

                   (4)     Badminton

                   (5)     Carom etc.