16 Jan

Hostel Management

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Our hostel is placed at the heart of bogura cantonment next to the Armoured center. It has modern facilities along with soothing environment which ensures your connection with nature every now and then. The stress in a day will be dispelled with a view of the stellar or a moonlit night. We assure, the place & the people will not disappoint you. All activities are directed by Honorable CA, Principal and Vice principal sir.


  • Hostel OIC(Male female) : Professor Dr. Farzana Begum[vice principal]
  • Dormitory tutor:(RESIDENT): Male (01), Female (01)


  • Hostel visit and food testing by faculties 5 days in a week.

Medical support:

  • Sick students are primarily managed by dormitory tutor then send to CMH.
  • 24 hours college vehicles are available in hostel. CMH also give support by ambulance.
  • First Aid management by dormitory tutor.

Out pass:

  • Thursday(after scheduled class to before sunset)
  • Friday and Saturday(9AM to before sunset)

Visiting hour:

  • Friday, Saturday including govt. holidays.( 9AM to 9 PM)

Other staffs:

  •    24*7 security guard
  •     24*7 attendance (female)
  •     24*7 Mess girl