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About AMCB Library

The AMCB Library aims to enhance the academic achievement of medical students, teachers, and researchers by disseminating useful information and encourage lifelong learning through its reading materials and resources. It is enriched with adequate number of different types of books, journals, magazines and other library resources. The library is well furnished to accommodate 110 students for academic necessities with separate reading place of teachers. The library is well-ventilated with a proper lighting system. The library has its own computer LAB and e-library facility with broadband internet and Wi-Fi connectivity. Besides, Photocopy facility is also available in the library. Enrichment of the library is a continuous process. Every year sufficient number of teaching aids, latest edition of books, and modern facilities will be added.

Library hour

Saturday to Wednesday: 08.00 am - 09.00 pm

Thursday: 08.00 am - 2.30 pm

Holiday: Friday


Every student becomes a member of AMCB Library with his/her admission in college. Teachers and officers are also the members of AMCB Library. The membership-related office work including new membership and expired membership is supervised by Library Administration.

User Policy:

Use of Study Area

To ensure a proper ambience to study in the library the members are cordially requested to maintain the following user policies:

  1. Be quiet, considerate, and respectful to others in the library
  2. All personal materials for instance bags, coats, jackets, umbrellas, etc. are to be kept in the pigeonhole.
  3. Group study, gossiping, discussions, eating, and drinking are strictly prohibited inside the library.
  4. Students are requested to use all library materials i.e., furniture, equipment, books, journals, CDs computers, etc. with care. Students should leave the library neat and tidy after use.
  5. Mobile phones will not be allowed inside the library.


Membership facilities:

  1. MBBS students can borrow maximum two (2) books for Thirty (30) days period and books may be renewed only for one loan period.
  2. Faculty members may borrow four (04) books for a maximum of Sixty (60) days.
  3. Journals, periodicals, references, and audio-visual materials may be borrowed for overnight use only.


Borrowing systems:

  1. AMCB students, faculty members, and Officers must present a valid ID card in order to borrow materials.
  2. All materials should be brought to the Circulation Desk to be checked out.
  3. Each individual is responsible for library materials issued to his/her card.
  4. Library resources are checked out by the members and need to be returned to the circulation desk during working hours only.
  5. Borrowers must sign on the Book Card for each resource borrowed.
  6. Library resources borrowed may be recalled at any time. Normally, reserved or overdue books are recalled.



  1. Fines are calculated after the expiry of the due date mentioned on the slip pasted at the end of the borrowed resources.
  2. Students will be charged Tk.5/per calendar day for each overdue item borrowed from library
  3. In case of lost and damaged, borrower must pay the current value of the lost and damaged item(s) with 20% service charge to the library.