Message from Chairman
11 Dec

Message from Chairman

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Distinguished visitors, Welcome to the Army Medical College Bogura website.
It gives me enormous pleasure in visualizing that Army Medical College Bogura now has a unique campus having excellent academic atmosphere inside Bogura Cantonment. The College offers undergraduate courses in almost all the medical fields.Our focus is to provide standard education with competent faculty and conducive academic environment.
The science of healthcare and medicine is advancing in leaps and bounds. While keeping pace with abundance in knowledge is a challenge, the greater challenge is to make this available for the benefit of our patients especially in the regions of Bangladesh where access and affordability to health care are major hurdles. As we strive for excellence, it is also our responsibility to reach out all sections of society, specially the marginalized and ensure access to good health care. I am hopeful that our aspiring medical students have accepted the challenge of adapting to these demands of time and society. I am enthusiastic that this institution will fill up the void and provide
teaching and training facilities of an exceptionally high standard to our MBBS students. This young institution is now already recognized in the region for its discipline and quality of education. It has become a preferred institution for undergraduate medical education in Bangladesh. The institute is committed to persuasion for highest standard medical education and healthcare.
I invite you to browse through various sections of this site and shall be grateful for relevant comments and/or suggestions to further improve our services.

Major General Md Khaled - Al - Mamun, PBGM, ndc, psc
Governing Body